Corprate Services

Our corporate services are for companies that agree that employees are one of the most valuable assets of most successful businesses.​

We understand that recruiting impacts businesses differently, start ups face the challenge lack of planning and strategy brings, SMBs face the balancing act of lack of resource – time, money/ both, larger companies struggle with elongated recruitment process and candidate engagement. 

We are expertly placed to provide actionable and tailored insights to help businesses overcome these challenges.


Unlike larger companies, start ups may not have dedicated HR departments or extensive budgets for recruitment. To overcome this challenge, start ups/small businesses can leverage technology and automation to streamline the hiring process. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help in managing CVs, scheduling interviews, and maintaining a database of potential candidates. Additionally, outsourcing certain aspects of the recruitment process to specialised agencies can be a cost-effective solution.

Smaller companies often struggle to compete with larger companies in attracting top talent. Potential candidates may be drawn to the brand recognition and comprehensive benefits offered by big corporations. To attract top talent, small businesses should focus on showcasing their unique selling points. Highlight the close-knit and collaborative work environment, opportunities for growth and advancement, and the ability to make a significant impact within the business. Offering flexible work arrangements and competitive compensation packages can also make the company more appealing to prospective employees.

Finding candidates with the right skills and qualifications for a specific role can be a significant challenge, especially when resources are limited. Instead of solely relying on CVs, small businesses can implement skills assessments and practical tests during the hiring process. This approach allows employers to evaluate a candidate’s abilities and ensure a better fit for the job. Additionally, investing in training and development programs for existing employees can help bridge skill gaps within the organisation.

Investing too much time and energy into mentally preparing for an interview can make you more nervous, and prevents you from being relaxed. It’s important to strike a balance.

Relying only on rehearsed answers can make it difficult to adapt. Employers appreciate critical thinking and the ability to think on your feet.

Genuine connections and rapport can be very important in the candidate selection process. The human side of the interview experience should not be neglected.

It is important to remain adaptable, flexible, and authentic during the interview process. A combination of preparedness and spontaneity helps showcase your own special qualities.

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